KMPTD Double Planetary Dispersing Mixer


  • 전통적인 Double Planetary Mixer, Dispersing Power Mixer 에 고점도 배터리 슬러리를 위한 Higher Rotation Speed & Larger Torque 장착

  • 효율적이고 안정적인 mixing을 위해 디자인된 Twist Stirrer
    Power mixing 을 위한 시계방향 회전 및 High speed dispersing ( 고속 분산 ) 을 위한 반시계 방향 회전의 동시 사용으로 재료가 전단 및 분산, 니딩 작용에 고르게 노출 될 수 있도록 설계 되었으며 이는 또한 climbing 현상 방지에도 용이 합니다.
  • 온도 측정의 높은 정확도 및 빠른 반응 속도를 자랑하는 유니크한 Thermoscope

Our double planetary dispersing mixer has combined the theories of the traditional double planetary mixer and high-speed dispersing mixer, to create a new, high-efficient machine, at present it is widely used in new energy fields.

As per the character of Lithium-ion power cells and electronics capacity, we developed new reinforced machinery applied to the dry powder process for making Lithium power positive &negative electrode slurry, based on the traditional planetary mixers and dispersing power mixers, with high rotation speeds and larger torque. During the design, our company fully considered factors such as the rotational speed of stirrers, mixing power, linear dispersion speed, high viscosity slurry resistance reduced by reasonable twist stirrer shape, and distribution of turbulence intensity inside of the vessel to create the more efficient and more stable double planetary power mixer and the reinforced twist stirrers can deal with high viscosity battery slurry. The stirrer characters for the power mixer is that - the revolution and rotation of twist stirrer is clockwise -meanwhile rotation for high speed dispersing is anticlockwise, whose speed is adjustable to make the materials move complicatedly under shearing, kneading and dispersing, effectively eliminates all dead point and climbing phenomena during mixing. Three sets of mechanical seals, coupled together with soft and silence sealing to make sure reliable seal performance. On materials temperature control, it’s used with unique thermoscope technology-planetary frame and thermoscope rod for revolution. Pt100 temperature measurement sensors have direct contact with material, greatly increasing accuracy of temperature measurement, response is much faster, error is reduced to only ±0.5℃. The machine is comprised of the base, crossbeam, upright column, sealing cover, vessel, transmission system and electronic control system.

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