Contactless Video Extensometers

Applied Standard

  • Deformation measurement of samples during material testing with use of the Video extensometer MercuryRT allows applying multiple virtual probes (Movement Sensors)on markers and advanced image featuresto be tracked, including the natural pattern of the sample surfaces. The common resolution of standard system is within 500 nm and 5 m. 
  • The system fulfils class 0.5 or B-1 of classification according to ISO 9513 and ASTM E83. In certain camera use case, the system resolution reaches the level of 100 nm - 500 nm and system fulfils the class 0.2. The strain resolution can reach 10 microstrains. Material testing,Component testing ,FEA validation,Vibrography .


  1. Multiple virtual extensometers per camera input 
  2. Modular concept beginning by simple camera recorder up to multicamera 3D fullfield system with shaker 
  3. Wide scope of engineering use:Material testing,FEA validation,Component testing,Vibrography 
  4. Multi-threaded parallel computation for optimal measurement speed
  5. Enhanced graphical user Interface with intuitive controls. Highly efficient video display using OpenGL acceleration
  6. Simple system calibration including arbitrarily moveable coordinate system 
  7. The system can also be used on natural, non-prepared surfaces (such as wood, fabric, material structure and roughness,...)
  8. Customizable export formats
  9. Connectivity to a large number of test rigs types 
  10. System allows to operate with DOLI based equipments
  11. Simultaneous data recording and computing 
  12. Videostroboscopic functionality (synchronization with periodic phenomena)