TEEC-500 Extensometer Calibrator

Model : TEEC-500

Applied Standard


  • This calibrator adopts complete mechanical structure, specialized used for calibration of different kinds of extensometers. 
  • Also, it is widely used for checking the accuracy of displacement transducer as well as the centesimal meters and millesimal meters.
  • It consists of accurate micro-scale switcher and test supportor. All parts are freely removable.


  • ISO9513:2012 Metallic materials -- Calibration of extensometers used in uniaxial testing


  • Extensometer scale (L Max): 500mm
  • Displacement length: 25mm Max
  • Installation hole on Support arm: Ф10 & Ф28
  • Axial scale for read out: 0.5mm/div..
  • Tuning scale on the inner rotary canister: 0.0002mm/div.
  • Tuning scale on the outer rotary canister: 0.002mm/div.
  • Accuracy: Within 0.5mm scale less than 0.5µm (absolute error)
  • Exceed 0.5mm scale less than 0.10% (relative error)