Very High Resolution Digital Electronic Calibrators – Model 3590VHR

Model : 3590VHR

Applied Standard

  • The 3590VHR uses a coarse adjustment screw for large displacements, coupled with a fine adjustment screw that allows fine adjustment to within approximately 0.025 microns (about 1 micro inch). 
  • When it comes time to calibrate your extensometers, these calibrators are easier to use and faster than any others on the market. They have enough measuring range to calibrate nearly all extensometers, and enough resolution to calibrate units with low measuring ranges.
  • The software provided reads in both inches and millimeters. The autozero function is a great help in calibrating. Just activate it to start readings from zero. 
  • The digital display reduces operator error.<br>A wide range of adapters are available. The calibrator comes with smooth round adapters of 9.52 mm diameter (0.375 inches). For special adapters, contact Epsilon. For very long gauge length extensometers, an optional extension post is available. The calibrator is provided with a calibration traceable to NPL (UK standards organization).


  • Scale calibration traceable to NIST. 
  • System fully calibrated traceable to NPL (UK standards organization). 
  • Software for Windows based PC provided, a PC with a USB port is required.
  • Readings taken on the PC with included software may be save to a data file. 
  • Uses the same adapters as the model 3590 and 3590HR calibrators. 
  • Provided with a foam lined case for storage. 
  • Optional Netbook PC or stand-alone digital readout display.

Load frame

  Digital readout display

  Optional extensometer adapter sets, extension posts, and horizontal configuration kit:

  • 3590-01 Smooth, round 6.35 mm (0.25 inch) diameter adapters
  • 3590-02 Adapters for flat specimens
  • 3590-3549 Adapters for Model 3549
  • 3590-3648 Adapters for Model 3648
  • 3590-03 Adapters for clip-on fracture mechanics gages
  • 3590-04 Transverse extensometer adapters (Model 3560)
  • 3590-11 Transverse extensometer adapters (Models 3575AVG, 3575, 3475, 3580, 3565, 3911 and 3975)
  • 3590-11-KIT Horizontal conversion kit for transverse extensometers-consists of legs for horizontal configuration, additional springs, and 3590-11 adapters; enables verification of transverse extensometers in the orientation that will be used for testing, as required by some calibration and verification standards
  • 3590-06 Adapters for large averaging extensometers (Models 3542RA and 3442RA1)
  • 3590-05 Circumferential adapters for Model 3544
  • 3590-4013 Shear adapters for Model 4013
  • 3590-3421 Shear adapters for Model 3421
  • 3590-07 100 mm (4 inch) extension post for long gauge length extensometers
  • 3590-55-10 250 mm (10 inch) extension post for long gauge length extensometers
  • 3590-55-24 600 mm (24 inch) extension post for long gauge length extensometers
  • Custom –contact Epsilon for adapters to fit Models 7650A, 7650, 7651, and 3567
    Note: Model 3590VHR and 3590 calibrators include 9.52 mm (0.375 inch) diameter smooth round adapters


  • Measuring Range: 50 mm (2 in) Maximum displacement
  • Maximum Range: 125 mm (0-5 in) (Maximum gauge length + displacement)*
  • Accuracy: ±0.19 μm (±7.5 μin ) over any 0.12 mm (0.00475 inch) range
  • Meets ASTM E83 Class B-1 for a 6 mm gauge length and greater extensometers and ISO 9513 Class 0,5 over the full measuring range of the calibrator
  • Resolution: 20 nm (0.8 μin)
  • Temperature Range: 18℃ to 28℃ (64°F to 82°F) operation**, -10℃ to 60℃ (14°F to 140°F) storage
  • Relative Humidity: <90% (Non-condensing)
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 interface, self-powered
  • Weight: 3.6 kg (8 lbs) (standard configuration)
  • Adapters: Ø9.52 mm (0.375 inch) adapter set included*
  • EMC Compliance: BS EN 61326-1: 2006
  • Environmental: EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS)
    * Other options available upon request
    ** Recommended range