Universal Friction & Wear Testing Machine

Model : MMW-1A 


  • The MMW-1A UTM for Friction Wear can simulate rolling, sliding and rolling & sliding combined movement under the certain contact pressure to complete point, line and plane simulating tests. 
  • The UTM for Friction Wear can be used to evaluate the friction wear performance of lubricant, metal, plastics, coating, rubber, and ceramics etc. 
  • The UTM for Friction Wear can not only satisfy the needs of traditional petrochemical industry to research, develop and inspect the various kinds of intermediate & high grade hydraulic oil, combustion engine oil and gear oil, but also can simulate evaluation on new material development and new technology research under dry condition.

Applied Standard

  • ASTM D-2266, D-3702, D-4172, ASTM G99


  • The machine adopts process control principle, and combines industrial control computer with the configuration software technology and internet technology
  • Apply incorporate structure design, integrate embedded industry computer, configuration software, acquisition module and executor as a whole to control the test process, all test operations can be completed at the main interface of the computer
  • It features flexible configuration control mode, multiple friction couplings, wide speed adjusting range, simulating high temperature circumstances, and high automation.