Spring Stiffness Testing Machine

Model : STB Series 


  • STB Computer Control Spring Stiffness Testing Machine Under Axial and Lateral Load is to measure the displacement, stiffness of spring under both axial and lateral load, complying with the standard EN13298 Railway applications - Suspension components - Helical suspension springs, steel. The Spring Stiffness Testing Machine measures both axial and lateral stiffness of spring, displacement for both lateral and axial, both loads, offset angle etc. 
  • The Spring Stiffness Testing Machine is an ideal testing equipment for spring of chuck and train.

Applied Standard

  • Load meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM E4, ISO7500-1, EN 10002-2, BS1610, DIN 51221.
  • Safety: This Spring Stiffness Testing System shall conform to all relevant European CE Health and Safety Directives EN 50081-1, 580081-1, 73/23/EEC, EN 61010-1


  • The Spring Stiffness Testing Machine can apply load from both the axial and transverse directions. The Spring Stiffness Testing Machine is loaded by servo motor control with high precision and smooth operation. Axial load is measured by the triangular arrangement of three load cells so that the measuring portion will have a greater resistance to the bending moment capacity.
  • The compression platen is mounted lower above a movable apparatus which can move freely to measure the free bending direction of the spring. The lower compression platen is able to rotate as well. The bending direction of the spring can be rotated to the desired direction for the transverse stiffness test.
  • The movable spring platform is also incorporated to easy the handling of heavier springs.