Model GBW-600 Erichsen Metal Sheet Testing Machine for FLC, FLD

Model : GBW-600


  • GBW series Erichsen Metal Sheet Testing Machine is designed on the basis of screw universal material testing machine, using the servo motor for highly accurate loading for punching, meanwhile, it is equipped with hydraulic servo control system for pre-tightening/clamping of metal sheet.
  • It is ideal to evaluate the plastic deformation performance and ductility of metal sheet & strip materials. 
  • The cupping test for metal sheet thickness range is 0.1mm-5mm, Max. Punching capacity is 600KN, and the pre-tightening/clamping device is with hydraulic servo loading pump for 600kN capacity


  • Erichsen cupping test as per EN ISO 20482, ASTM E 643, GB/T 4156
  • Deep drawing cups test as per ISO 11531, EN1669, GB/T 11531, GB24183
  • Hole expansion test (KWI TEST) as per ISO 16630, GB/T 24524
  • Forming-limit Diagram (FLD) & Forming-limit Curve (FLC)-Nakajima Test as per ASTM E2218, ISO 12004, GB 24171


  • Constant punching speed control, testing speed variable
  • Constant clamping force by the servo hydraulic cylinder, no slippage during the test;
  • High precision load cell for force measuring
  • Photoelectric encoder for measuring the displacement of punching head
  • High control accuracy and fast response to stop the punching head instantly
  • Dual servo systems (punching & constant clamping force) integrated in one machine
  • High automation: after setting the test parameter, testing can be done with click 


  • Test force range: 2.4-600kN
  • Maximum punching force: 600kN
  • Maximum clamping force: 600kN
  • Force resolution: 0.001kN
  • Punching stroke: >120mm
  • Clamping piston stroke: >60mm
  • Punching stroke resolution: 0.025um
  • Clamping stroke resolution: 0.001mm
  • Test speed: 0.01-1000mm/min
  • Speed resolution: 0.01mm/min
  • Maximum width of metal sheet: 220mm
  • Maximum diameter of metal sheet: dia. 220mm
  • Test range that can be achieved with this machine
  • Cupping test for standard: thickness: 0.1-2.0mm
  • Cupping test for non-standard: thickness: 2.0-6mm
  • Deep drawing cups test: thickness: 0.45-5mm
  • Hole expansion test: thickness 0.2-4mm
  • FLC/FLD test: thickness: 0.2-2.5mm
  • Punching load mode: servo motor closed-loop control
  • Clamping load mode: hydraulic servo closed-loop control
  • Power supply: 380V, 3PH, 50Hz, 8kW
  • Dimension: 1250x1100x1850mm
  • Weight: approx. 2400kg