Erichsen Cupping Testing Machine

Model : GBW Series 


  • GBW series Erichsen Cupping Testing Machine is designed on the basis of screw universal material testing machine. 
  • The Erichsen Cupping Tester is suitable for cupping test of metal sheet and strip steel rolled stock etc to evaluate the plastic deformation performance and ductility. 
  • The cupping test for metal sheet thickness range is 0.1mm to 5mm, Max. punching capacity is 300KN, and the pre-tightening device is optional either with hydraulic servo loading pump or manual loading pump.


  • Constant punching speed control, testing speed variable
  • Constant clamping force by the Servo hydraulic cylinder, no slippage during the test
  • High precision load cell for force measuring
  • Photoelectric encoder for measuring the displacement of punching head
  • High control accuracy and fast response to stop the punching head instantly
  • Dual servo systems (punching & constant clamping force) integrated in one machine
  • High automation: After setting the test parameter, the testing can be done with onclick.