Hydraulic Servo Control Compression Testing Machine (Dual Column)

Model : TYE-D Series


  • This series Servo-Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine is mainly designed for compression test of building material items, such as concrete cube, cement specimen, paver materials and related component, etc. 
  • With new design idea and advanced technology, this series has more advantages in appearance, operation & applications. 
  • The compression testing machine is an ideal tester for quality control at industrial & mineral enterprises, teaching in high schools, and technology researching at scientific institutes.

Applied Standard

  • The compression Tester of Four Column conforms to ASTM E4, ASTM C139, ISO7500-1, EN12390-4, EN10002-2, BS 1610, DIN51220, C1231–AASHTO T22 -NFP18-411-UNE 83304, 7242 etc.


Applicable Specimen size:

Extensive Ranges for Cubic Sample: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm or more

Rectangular Sample: 400 × 200 × 200mm, 400 × 200 × 400mm etc

Cylindrical sample dia.150 × 300mm, dia.100 × 200mm, dia. 200 × 400mm or others as customer’s requirement.

Remark: test space & compression platen can be customized according to specified specimen size.


  • Two-column structure provides higher stiffness for the load frame.
  • Upper compression platen is with ball seat assembly for more accurate test.
  • Dual action actuator with 250mm stroke and piston’s moving speed over 100mm/min (While the piston return mode for traditional machine depends on piston’s gravity of piston with slow speed and less efficiency.)
  • Larger testing space from 50mm to 300mm (standard configuration) is adjusted quickly by 250mm piston stroke instead of by single lead screw or adjustable blocks carried on traditional machine, which is suitable for wider range of specimen sizes and provides easier operation.
  • Both load cell & pressure transducer are available for this machine. Test load can be measured with higher accuracy.
  • Safety cover is mounted around the columns to protect the operator. The front gate is with interlock switch to prevent the gate form opening during operation.
  • Stroke protection:
    When the ram arrives at the upper limited position,, limited switch will work and stop the motor to avoid oil pumping.
  • High accuracy encoder with resolution of 0.01mm (options)
  • Dual-side average extensometers or compressometer with LVDT measuring device can be equipped on this machine to determinate the elasticity modulus of concrete specimen.