Electromagnetic Resonance High Frequency Fatigue Testing Machine

Model : PLG Series 


  • This series of electromagnetic resonance fatigue testing machines are used for fatigue tests of metal material and components under tension, compression or reversal load. 
  • If relevant grips are provided, three-point bending test, four-point bending test, tension and compression of sheet sample test and circle test, gear wheel, bolt, connecting rod, roller chain, crackle expanding test can be available.
  • The series of electromagnetic resonance fatigue testing machines feature an optimized design and a rational structure. 
  • The automatic controlled system adopts an advanced and wide-pulse-control system and a new-type of power amplifier to improve the reliability of the electric system. 
  • The electromagnetic resonance fatigue testing system is with high efficiency, easy and non-stop shake, low energy consuming, accurate control, and small fluctuation. 
  • The machines comply with DIN50100.